Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing strategies for Luxury and Premium brands through influencers, prescribers, opinion leaders and new trendsetters of the digital era. Focus on target audiences and targeting of the Luxury and Premium segments.

360º design of creative actions. Execution of actions and 360º event organisation. Digital impact monitoring and earned media impact assessment. Database with a segmentation in Luxury and Premium with over 1000 360º influencers. Focus on digital influencers such as bloggers and new players: Instagrammers, Youtubers, etc.

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Who are the closest influencers to my brand’s attributes?
Which and how many influencers should I contact if I have goals regarding the launch of a product of my brand?
How can I get the highest impact through influencer marketing? What actions should I design?
What actions are most successful for specific communication or marketing purposes based on the strategic positioning of my brand?
What kind of relationship should brands build with influencers?
How do I get influencers to live memorable experiences, associate them with my brand and know how to transmit them to their communities?
How do I design actions to gain visibility at the same time as a high value of influencer engagement?
How do I measure the impact of my actions with the influencers? How do I measure the impact of my actions with the influencers? What are the key success indicators or KPIs?
How do I monitor the results? How do I quantify the value generated in Earned Media through my actions? How do I calculate the ROI of those actions?

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