Digital Strategy. Luxury Strategy 2.0

Digital strategies for Luxury and Premium brands. Digital positioning analysis:

Audit, benchmark and best practices. Design and implementation of customised digital strategies for Luxury and Premium brands: Positioning strategic plans. Digital identity design (Digital DNA).

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What is the quantitative and qualitative feeling of my brand in the digital channel?
What are the main attributes of my brand in the digital market?
Who are my clients, the new Luxury clients? What do my clients want?
Where is my brand positioned?
Who are the closest influencers to my brand?
What is branding 2.0? How to define the image of a luxury brand in digital media?
How should the digital strategy be in order to transmit the essence of the brand through emotions and virtual experiences? How do I transfer my values and brand attributes to the digital channel?
How do I create a Virtual Community for a Luxury brand?
In what social networks should my brand be?
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,... Can my luxury brand be in Snapchat? What do the new Social Networks like Periscope offer me?
Should my brand have a blog?
What messages should I transmit? To who? In what language?
How can I measure the presence of a Luxury brand in social networks?
How do I deal with the new mobility challenges of my brand? What channels should I be on?

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