Content Strategy and Community Management – Social Media Strategy & Management.

Positioning strategy for Luxury and Premium brands in social platforms. Design and implementation of the social galaxy. Content strategy. Development and management. Community management.

Support to the Community Managers in the Luxury and Premium industry. Target setting and regular social KPI measurement. Social analytics. Crisis management in social media. Support through investment in paid media on social networks. Specific campaigns on social media.

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How should the most exclusive brands in the scene develop their social media: blogs, social networks, etc.?
How to define and implement the annual strategy in the Social Platforms of the brand? Should my Social Media strategy be aligned with the brand's global strategy? Can the strategy in Social Networks meet the objectives of the marketing and communication strategies of the brand? How can I integrate them? How do I maintain my strategy over time and achieve growth in my brand’s goals?
How can I get close to my Luxury clients through social media?
In what social media channels should my Luxury brand be (Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Foursquare, Google +,...
How do I manage the Instagram account, Twitter, Facebook fan page, or the brand’s Linkedin group? (Frequency of publication, what contents to publish according to the essence of the brand, which contents are interesting for the target to which I address, etc)
How do I interact with the clients and targets of my brand?
How can I integrate the role of the Community Manager with the rest of the company's areas: product design, marketing, Customer service,...
How can I measure the results of the social media strategy? What indicators or KPIs should I focus on? How do I measure them? What is Social analytics? Can I calculate the ROI of my actions in social media?
Should I invest in advertising or Paid Media in my social networks? How do I carry out investments of Paid Media in the Social Channels? What should my investment be? How do I measure results?

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