Creativity and digital marketing & advertising initiatives. Marketing and digital advertising.

Strategies and online marketing & advertising campaigns for Luxury and Premium brands.

Design of specific creativities, actions and experiences for the digital channels.

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What marketing actions should my brand use? Of what type? Which are the most efficient?
How do I include the new digital marketing and advertising techniques in the traditional marketing plan of my Luxury brand?
How do I manage the online advertising of exclusive brands? How can Luxury brands convey unique emotions and experiences to their consumers?
New Luxury clients. How do I approach them?
How do I launch digital campaigns? In what media?
Audiovisual content: Image and video. What content should I generate? What should it be like? How do I generate engagement with my audiovisual content?
New channels and formats: Social Media Marketing, Social Paid Media, Instavideo, Interactive videos, etc. Should I create participative tools? How?
Objetivo: Viralización de mi contenido de marca ¿Cómo lo hago?
Objective: Viralisation of my brand’s content. How do I it? Mobility. How do I develop specific online marketing and advertising actions so they are mobile friendly?
Should I develop apps for mobile in my Luxury and Premium brand strategy?

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