360º Luxury Communication and PR

360º On and Off Communication strategies for Luxury and Premium brands. Design and execution of the 360º media and communication plan (online and offline). PR 2.0.

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Who is currently my new Luxury clientele and how do I communicate with them?
How do I execute the communication in digital media of the most exclusive brands (digital platforms, internet media, social media, blogs, etc.)?
In what digital media should a Luxury or Premium brand be? How to go from communication to dialogue and connect with the new Luxury client?
What are the keys to “communicate” the digital Luxury? How can Luxury and Premium brands transmit real 360º experiences connecting with the most demanding clients in the market?
What tools can I use to communicate emotions and experiences to my Luxury clients?
How do I integrate and manage my online and offline media channels to offer a 360º communication? How do I get the new Luxury clients to live authentic brand experiences and an emotional branding?
Which are the keys to successfully distribute my digital campaigns?
How do I integrate the management of all my social networks in which my brand is present?
What metrics and statistic tools are the most suitable to measure efficiency?

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